All About Brix

All About Brix

Brix is the measurement of the sugar content in liquid. It’s also the name of Sydney’s only Rum distillery. Fitting, because if you know anything about Rum, you’ll know it’s distilled from sugar cane or molasses.

If you didn’t know, prepare yourself for an education. Co-Founders James Christopher, Damien Barrow and SiddarthSoin, are passionate rum drinkersand are out to change Australians perception of Rum.

The boys offer up a full sensory experience at their Surry Hills bar and distillery. They want to showcase the process, how Rum is made and the raw ingredients.

BRIX focus is heavily local. The barstocks predominately local and craft spirits, beer and wine. When it comes to their rum, the sugarcane is sources from Queensland. Ordered and delivered within 24 hours. They go through 1000L molasses on average a week.

The 1800-litre still “Molly” is sourced from VIC and is overseen by a master distiller Shane Casey (ex Archie Rose) and although in most parts of the world Rum is aged in Bourbon barrels. BRIX has selected wine barrels from the Hunter Valley. Native spices are used in their spice blend, including Queensland Mango, Australian Macadamias, Native Australian Bush Currants and Native Australian lemongrass.

Brix Bar

The industrious space opened in late 2018. The copper still and eight 1000-litre fermentation tanks held within the fully functioning urban distillery can be viewed from the bar/restaurant. The food here is made to share and has a South American flair.

Brix Distillery
Brix Fermentors

The venue features a mezzanine barrel room. A private space for functions and smaller events. The barrels displayed in the distillery are some of the very first, holding as much sentimental value as the aging spirit within them.

There are many more barrels ageing in a warehouse in Sydney’s suburb of Alexandria. BRIX expect their first barrel release rum sometime in 2021. Save the date and they have plans to broaden their range to include some small batch rums but for now, they’ve created a core range of BRIX WHITE, BRIX GOLD and BRIX SPICED.

The minimum age for rum in Australia is two years, otherwise it cannot be called rum.

BRIX WHITE is unaged. It’s actually not considered a Rum. Something Brix is set out to contest.

The clear pure liquid that comes out of the stills is 90% ABV which is then diluted with carbon filtered water down to 40% ABV then bottled. The flavour profile is banoffee pie with a savoury herbaceous finis. There’s a crisp freshness of citrus and green apple on the palate.

BRIX GOLD is their own blend of 5-year-oldand 8-year-old rums from Barbados. The signature blend is then bottled on site, at the distillery in Surry Hills. BRIX hopes to mimic the style and taste of their BRIX GOLD blend when they release their own barrel aged rums.

There’s a fruity nose of plums, raisins and vanilla. Reminds us of Christmas Pudding.

BRIX SPICED is a expertly crafted blend of our BRIX’s WHITE and 5 year old GOLD Caribbean rum, infused with 7 fruits, nuts and spices. The nose is full of rich chocolate orange. You’ll have to try it for yourself.

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